Ginger shot with lemon and honey

Ginger shot with lemon and honey


600 ml water
100 gram ginger
2 table spoon honey
1 lemon

How to do

Cut the ginger into smaller piece and boil the ginger in water for about 20 minutes. After finished boiling add more water so you get back to starting point.

Let the mixture cool.

Add juice from one lemon. If the lemon is very big just add half of juise instead. Try to taste the mixture. Hopefully it's not too sour.

Now add honey to create a sweet balance between the acid from the lemons and the powerfull taste of ginger.

After 24 hours you can remove the pieces of ginger. Put the mixture into a bottle with a tight lid. The leftover pieces of ginger can be eaten as a snack or use it in some Asian style cooking. Still plenty of bite in the ginger.

Drink the ginger shot when you need a refreshing boost. Put some mixture in to cup and can add boiling water, then you can drink the ginger shoot as tea.

About health and ginger

Ginger is a very healthy vegetable. Research shows that ginger is good for the heart, digestion, cancer treatment, diabetes, morning sickness, and it's filled with antioxidants.

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