Oat meal crunch crumble

Making your own crunchy oat meal crumble is very easy. You can use it on top of something like yogurt or skyr.

In supermarkets you can buy crunch made primarily out of oat meal and sugar. The crunch can be used together with yogurt and different cakes like crunchy applecake. You can make this crunch yourself, it's easy and much cheaper than buying it.


2 dl oat meal
0,5 dl sugar
30 gram butter
1 tablesppon vanilla sugar

How to do

Melt the sugar on a pan at medium heat. When the sugar is melted add butter. Watch the pan and the sugar will slowly start to become light brown like caramel.

When the sugar mass is light brown add the oat meal and vanilla sugar.

Mix the oat meal and caramel together. Keep watching the pan because suddenly it become dark brown, and we dont want that to happen.

Turn off the heat and keep mixing the oat meal and sugar. If the caramel become too dark brown it will have a burned flavour.

After a couple of minutes put the crunch on to a tray or plate and let it cool for a bit.

When the oat meal caramel is cold use your fingers and morter to turn the oat meal caramel into crunchy crumble.

Store the crunch in an air tight container.

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